Wine tastings in Paris

Introduction to wine tasting

Learn how to describe a wine in simple, clear terms by using our systematic approach to tasting.

Bordeaux wine region

The battle of the Grand Crus! Discover the subtle differences between the quality wine areas in Bordeaux

Burgundy wine region: The Terroir from all angles

Get to know this complex region: tiny properties, 2 grape varieties, hierarchy of areas and geology, the importance of vintage.

Food and Wine pairing

Which wine goes with which dish? What makes a good pairing? What are the basic rules to follow? What are the pitfalls to avoid? Are there any generally accepted ideas which should be questioned?

The art of producing Champagne

A wine for celebrating, a wine dominated by brands, but also a wine which reflects its 'terroir' and its winemaker...come and discover all the diversity that is champagne
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